Who can become a member of the CSA

According to the article 32 – 34 of the Croatian sociological association’s statute:

“Every citizen of the Republic of Croatia that graduated or holds a masters or a doctorate degree in the field of sociology may become a regular member.”

“Every citizen of the Republic of Croatia that studies undergraduate or postgraduate sociology in the Republic of Croatia may become a student member.”

“Each person that is not a citizen of the Republic of Croatia, but is a student of sociology, or has graduated or holds a masters or doctoral degree in the field of sociology may become an associate member.”

The registration procedure

If you are interested in becoming a member of the CSA or would like to renew your membership please follow the procedure as stated below:

fill out a membership registration/renewal form. Please fill out the form carefully and completely, because according to the Citizen Associations Act your registration must include your full first and last name, address and personal identification number (OIB), while other information is used for membership data base maintenance and for enabling communication between members and the CSA chairs, as well as between the members themselves.

Make the membership fee payable to the CSA transfer account: IBAN: HR1623900011100315979, Hrvatska poštanska banka d.d. The adequate amount should be specified on a special payment slip, and in the section “poziv na broj” enter the number of your member’s identification card. (If you are registering for the first time enter 1111). Send the copy of the payment slip to the CSAS secretary:

Croatian Sociological Association
Institute for Social Research in Zagreb
Amruševa 11/II
10000 Zagreb

Membership fees

At the annual CSA assembly on June 7, 2002 the membership fee for a year was set for the following categories of members:

  • employed regular members: 200 HRK
  • retired regular members: 100 HRK
  • unemployed regular members: 50 HRK
  • students: 50 HRK
  • associate members: 250 HRK
  • additional payment for Polemos or Socijalna ekologija (Social ecology) subscription: + 40 HRK.

Since the membership fee includes the subscription to the Revija za sociologiju (Sociological review) additional payment for the review does not have to be paid. If you already paid for the journal for current year, you may deduct 50 HRK from the membership fee (unemployed 25 HRK), and, if possible, attach the payment slip for the subscription to the Review.

CSA members’ privileges:

  • subscription to the Revija za sociologiju
  • discount for the Polemos (40 HRK) and Socijalna ekologija (40 HRK) subscription
  • 20% discount, on the purchase of books published by Biblioteka Razvoj i okoliš, and privileges in purchase of books published and sold by Naklada Jesenski i Turk (member’s identification card has to be presented) – further details
  • favorable conditions in participating at the ISA and ESA congresses
  • reports considering the Society’s activities, invitations for conferences round tables, lectures, debates and other social events organized by the Society.