The Croatian Sociological Association’s statement on Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine

The Croatian Sociological Association joins the European Sociological Association (ESA) and the International Sociological Association (ISA) in their condemnation of Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine. We are shocked by the perpetrated violence and the unacceptable violation of international treaties.

 ISA statement on the Russian military offensive happening in Ukraine 

Statement on the armed invasion of Ukraine | European Sociological Association 

The ESA Executive Committee statement on the war in Ukraine | European Sociological Association

The Croatian Sociological Association wishes to express solidarity with all those directly affected by Russia’s military invasion and those who support Ukraine’s freedom, sovereignty and territorial integrity. We would especially like to express our solidarity with Ukrainian sociologists experiencing the horror of war. We also wish to express our solidarity with sociologists and other citizens of the Russian Federation and Belarus who have raised their voices against war and in defense of democracy and human rights.

The Croatian Sociological Association, part of the international sociological community and with a membership of over 5,000 sociologists, is determined to contribute to international dialogue and a critical attitude towards war and aggression with means at its disposal – donations, critical conversations and publications. We invite all members of the Croatian Sociological Association to contribute to donor activities as an expression of concern and solidarity with war victims. A list of organizations to donate to, assembled by colleagues from the Ukrainian Society at the University of Oxford, is available at the following link:

The Croatian Sociological Association will donate 7,500 HRK to one of the humanitarian organisations on the list. In addition, if you know any scientists who require help, we invite you to draw their attention to information available through the network Scholars at Risk which is regularly updated:

One of the mechanisms at our disposal is spreading sociological knowledge on the current situation. We are therefore starting a series of conversations entitled Horror of War – sociological perspectives. The first conversation will be opened by Dr Nikola Petrović from the Institute for Social Research in Zagreb. The title of his talk is “The War in the Ukraine and the European Union: sociological aspects”. We invite you to join the conversation next Monday, March 21, 2022 at 4pm at the following link:


Presidency of the Croatian Sociological Association 

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