About CSA

In 1918 the Sociological association was founded in Zagreb. The first Department of Sociology in Croatia was founded in 1963 by Rudi Supek.

The association’s current name, the Croatian Sociological Association, dates from 1992 when the association also became a member of the International Sociological Association.

In achieving its goals, HSD in particular:

  • encourages and organizes scientific research and professional work in the field of sociology;
  • encourages and organizes scientific and professional communication within the sociological community, especially counseling and forums;
  • encourages and organizes publishing activities in the field of sociology;
  • encourages and organizes professional development of teachers of sociological subjects in secondary and higher education;
  • establishes connections and cooperation with sociological societies in the world;
    popularizes sociological scientific achievements;
  • proposes prominent sociologists, institutions and scientific works in the field of sociology for public recognition;
  • encourages its members and the sociological community in general a sense of professional responsibility and advocates the ethics of the sociological profession.
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