Connecting Ides, Shaping Society: the association's history dates back to 1918.

Who are we?

The Croatian Sociological Association (CSA) is a nongovernment organization dedicated to promoting excellence in sociological research and practice. Our mission is to develop sociological knowledge, encourage the exchange of ideas, and promote the importance of sociology in understanding social change.


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Our projects


Our congresses are a place to present the latest research and ideas in the field of sociology. Congresses allow experts and researchers to establish contact, exchange ideas, and encourage cooperation.


The Croatian Sociological Association is the publisher of the magazine Croatian Sociological Review and is the co-publisher of the magazines Social Ecology and Polemos. CSA is the co-publisher of the Sociological Library and the Development and Environment Library.

Future Fund

It is an initiative that plays a significant role in supporting young sociologists in the development of their careers and professional training.

Rudi Supek Award

The Rudi Supek Award recognizes exceptional achievements in sociology and contributions to the spread of scientific knowledge, the promotion of sociology, and its reputation in society.


Our membership brings opportunities for education and professional development to members of the Association through projects, workshops, seminars, and panel discussions.

Sociology from Isolation

It is a platform for gathering popular scientific texts from our members. Through their reviews, they talk about the topics of the pandemic, the crisis, and all the social phenomena that arise from it.

Newsletter on International Academic Publications

Through the Newsletter, we promote works published by our members in international magazines, anthologies, and books and encourage new ideas that can shape the future of science.

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