Future Fund

The Future Fund is an initiative that plays a key role in supporting young sociologists in the development of their careers and professional development. It is based on the voluntary contributions of CSA members, as well as others who in this way strive to contribute to the general progress of the sociological profession in Croatia.

Global Sociology, Local Support

Thanks to previous donations, since 2013 we have been able to provide financial support to our scholarship holders. The projects we financially supported are:

  • Summer School Indonesian Arts & Culture, (Jakarta, Semarang, Denpasar, Bandung, Surabaya in Indonesia)
  • Annual Conference of the American Sociological Association New York, SAD
  • International Summer School in Qualitative Research Methods in Education: Grounded Theory for Social Justice with Kathy Charmaz Roevereto, Italy
  • EMES International PhD Summer School, The Three SE Pillars: Social Entrepreneurship, Social Economy and Solidarity Economy, Romania
  • GESIS Summer School 2019 Cologne, Germany
  • European Sociological Association: Europe and Beyond: Boudaries, Barriers and Belonging Manchester, United Kingdom
  • ConverGENT – Convergent roads, bridges and new pathways in criminology – 19th Annual Conference of the European Society of Criminology, Belgium
  • European Educational Research Summer School (EERSS) 2022: Research design from scratch: Making sense of the whats, whos and hows of your investigation, Portugal

How Will Your Donation Help?

After we collect funds through the Future Fund, CSA awards travel allowances to young sociologists. This enables them to participate in conferences, research, and education and contributes to their growth and development in the sociological community.

Why Support the Future Fund?

Supporting Young Talents: Your donation helps young sociologists realize their potential, creating a foundation for future generations of experts.

Improving the Sociological Profession: With your support, you contribute to the development of sociology in Croatia. Strengthening the profession means a better understanding of society and a better solution to social challenges.

We Connect the Community: The Future Fund brings together members of the Croatian Sociological Association and other individuals who share our passion for sociology and its impact on society.

How to Support the Future Fund?

Every donation, regardless of its size, contributes to the achievement of our goals.

  • IBAN: HR1623900011100315979 (Hrvatska poštanska banka)
  • With the indication "For the Future Fund"
  • Recipient: Croatian Sociological Association (CSA)
  • Address: Amruševa 11/II, 10000 Zagreb

You can find the competition rules for CSA Travel Expense Reimbursement here, and the application form for the competition via the link

Support us to create a world together that brings positive changes and progress.

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