Zadarska Podružnica

Founded in 2009 in Zadar for a stronger presence of sociology in the region. Focus on expanding cooperation between researchers and interdisciplinary fields.

Leader: dr. sc. Marija Šarić

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Osijek Branch

Active since 2019, it promotes the development of sociology as a profession. The goal is to gather sociologists and promote sociology.

Leader: dr. sc. Anita Dremel

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Split Branch

It has been operating since 2006, focusing on the promotion of sociology and cooperation with the public. It organizes various activities open to the public.

Leader: dr. sc. Toni Popović

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Sections of the Association are established to work in special sociological disciplines. The section is established at the request of at least seven members of the Association who submit a program proposal and work plan to the Presidency.

There are currently thirteen sections within the Croatian Sociological Association. Each section has its specific focus, but together they contribute to the understanding of society. For more information about each section and contact information, you can send an inquiry to

Section for Subcultures

It was founded on October 11, 2023, as a separate section at HSD. The section aims to provide a platform for the work and engagement of members at different levels for this specific sub-discipline to continuously develop. 

Leader: doc. dr. sc. Rašeljka Krnić

Secretary: Marija Antić 

Section Society, Economy and Work

It was founded in 2010, bringing together sociologists and other scientists who deal with economic sociology, sociology of work, and other topics in the field of economy and society. 

Section for Qualitative Research Methods

Section deals with theoretical and practical aspects of qualitative research in sociology. Their interests include qualitative data collection methods, ethnographic research, action research, and ethical aspects of research.

Suvoditeljice sekcije: izv. prof. dr. sc. Marija Brajdić Vuković, prof. dr. sc. Karin Doolan, dr. sc. Tanja Vučković Juroš

Tajnica sekcije: dr. sc. Tanja Vučković Juroš

Section for Teaching Sociology in High School

Founded to improve the teaching of sociology in secondary schools. Activities include the creation of teaching materials and cooperation with relevant institutions.

Section for Sociology of Education

The section is devoted to the study of the educational system and social aspects of education. The goal of the section is to promote research and development of the sociology of education in Croatia.

Section for Sociology of Religion

Founded in 2009, the Section for the Sociology of Religion investigates the relationship between religion and society and promotes dialogue and tolerance.

Section for Spatial Sociology

Founded in 2009, the Section for Spatial Sociology investigates the social development of territories and changes in urban-rural spaces.

Section Women and Society

This section deals with the topics of gender inequality and the role of women in society. Section is active in promoting the understanding of gender issues.

Leader: dr. sc. Branka Galić

Section for Sociology of Media

Founded in 2013, the Media Sociology Section investigates various aspects of the media's impact on society.

Voditelj sekcije: dr. sc. Dina Vozab

Science and Technology Research Section

Founded in 2013, the Science and Technology Research Section promotes an interdisciplinary approach to the study of science and technology.

Section for Theoretical Sociology

Founded to promote theoretical sociology and an interdisciplinary approach to the study of society.

Leader: dr. sc. Krešimir Žažar

Tajnik sekcije: dr. sc. Erik Brezovec

Section for the Sociology of Sport

Founded in 2017, the Section for Sociology of Sport investigates sociological aspects of sport and sports culture.

Voditelj sekcije: dr. sc. Dino Vukušić

Tajnik sekcije: dr. sc. Andrej Ivan Nuredinović

Section for European Studies

Founded in 2020, the Section for European Studies deals with European integration and its impact on Croatian society.

Leader: dr. sc. Nikola Petrović

Secretary: Filip Fila

Section for Social Ecology

Founded in 2022, the Social Ecology Section investigates the relationship between society and the environment and the social implications of ecological processes.

Leader: dr. sc. Jelena Puđak

Secretary: Vladimir Ivanović

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