Call for papers – 1st RethinkBlue Conference

We are thrilled to announce the call for papers for the 1st RethinkBlue Conference, organized under the auspices of COST Action CA22122 – “Rethinking the Blue Economy: Socio-Ecological Impacts and Opportunities.”

Join us at the University of Zadar, Croatia, from April 23rd to 24th, 2024.

Deadline for abstract submission: February 29, 2024

Since its inception at the Rio+20 conference, the Blue Economy has emerged as a leading policy paradigm, encompassing all economic activities related to our oceans. Yet, its rapid adoption across various sectors has led to a proliferation of competing discourses and frameworks, necessitating a critical reevaluation of its socio-ecological impacts and opportunities.

The #RethinkBlue conference aims to serve as a dynamic forum for scholars, practitioners, and policymakers to explore and critically assess the Blue Economy from a social perspective. We encourage submissions that engage with the theme either theoretically or empirically, particularly those that:

– Examine maritime occupations

– Address food security & sustainable blue consumption

– Explore the dynamics of port cities & coastal communities

– Investigate fisheries governance & emergent activities

– Analyze the implications of climate change & natural hazards

This conference represents a unique opportunity to question the conventional understanding of the Blue Economy, highlight empirical reconfigurations in maritime sectors, and discuss potential contradictions, conflicts, and synergies.

For more information on submission guidelines and to apply, please visit website, our Facebook and LinkedIn.

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