Section “Society, Economy, Labor”

The section “Society, Economy, Labor” was established as a separate section at the HSD on March 2, 2010, bringing together mostly sociologists and sociology-related scientists who deal with any topic in economic sociology, either from the sociology of work (formerly industrial sociology), the sociology of economic behavior, or the sociology of management and entrepreneurship. In its work, the Section is also open to the participation of other profiles of scientists and researchers (for example, economists, lawyers) in the elaboration of certain topics of wider social interest. The section brings together scientists, researchers and public officials who care about developing the ability to understand economic (colloquial: economic) problems in Croatia and in the world as primarily social problems, with special emphasis on sociability of work processes, production, exchange, distribution and consumption. and the use of newly created value and the effect of values, economic and social institutions on the behavior of economic and political participants (actors) in economic life.

The Section primarily implements its activities in the format of public lectures with accompanying discussions in which certain aspects of different relevant problem sets are considered.

Head of section

Dr. sc. Teo Matković

Secretary of the section

Dr. sc. Nikola Petrović

VIše objava

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